Adopt a section of the Prairie Sunset Trail

Enjoy the Kansas outdoors and show your support for trails everyone can enjoy. Sign up to adopt part of the trail!

An adoptee is expected to:

  • trim branches
  • pick-up trash
  • keep an eye on that section!

However, we will help mow the edges & do the yearly weed spraying.

When you adopt a mile we put a nice large sign at each end of the mile honoring your commitment!

Trail Adopters

Open – Hoover to Ridge Rd

Open – Ridge Rd to Tyler Rd

Ken & Angie Locke – Maize Rd to 119th St W

Koray & Christy Wilkes Family – 119th St W to 135th St W

Michael & Valerie Gomm Family – 119th St W to 135th St W

Kelly Wenz – 135th St W to 151st St W

Wade Blankenship – 151st St W to 167th St W

Bryce Neff – 167th St W to 183rd St W

Boy Scout Troop #776, chartered by Goddard Lions Club – 183rd St W to 199th St W

City of Goddard – 199th St to Walnut

Larry Zimmerman – Walnut to 215th St. W.

Waltanna Flyers – 215th St W to 231st St W

Open – 231st St W to 247th St W

Open 247th St W to 263rd St W

Open – 263rd St W to 279th St W

Tony Flax Family – 279th St W to 295th St W